Alien Watch

It Is Time

Message Given to me from Yahweh:

Tell Them!

Do you see the picture developing? The last days are TERROR! WOE!

Woe to those who will seek to harm My little ones! My own I will protect, but Woe to the planners of evil and those who plan to destroy the world!

I will allow it and then MY Judgment will come!

Many pieces to the puzzle. I will show them to you and reveal My Glory through you to the nations.

My child, know this that the last days are of suffering and terror. Such terror has never been known before, those of old (Anuk) will walk and control the earth. they will commit and enforce evil of every kind. And when I return there will be more of them than man left. Woe! Woe!

   Give them the warnings of terror to come so that they will find peace and strength in ME. For I shall  lose nothing given to Me. Those in MY hands ARE MINE.

   Many will be tested but they are MINE. To be refined in the fire and then set gloriously in MY light.

   Tell them child. Tell them no one can even begin to imagine the horrors that are coming. Your safety and refuge is within ME! TELL THEM!!

5/26/04  The Anuk Are Coming!

Also known as the Annunaki, these ancient fallen angels who rebelled and got kicked out of heaven for procreating with human women are on their way to earth! ETA? Could be this summer!

Their children were called the Nephilim. The mixing of angelic and human DNA creating a giantism defect in the children. They were born giants. Goliath was 9 feet tall.  And that's why archeologists keep finding bones and skulls of giants!

Over the thousands of years the giantism defect has been negated and now these hybrids can walk among mankind undetected. But I'm not talking about their children for now, these kids ancestors are on their way back to earth!

Are these ancestors of mankind? No, just the Nephilim. Did they create mankind? No, they themselves are created beings who were kicked out of heaven as angels because of their rebellion.

These fallen angels joined Lucifer and his Draconian collective. Not all Anuk joined with Lucifer, but many did and along with these giants are coming the rest of Lucifer's collective or group, the Draconians, Greys, Reptilians and Mothmen.

This earth is going to be cluttered with the tall, the ugly, and the damned. And it's coming sooner than you think!

Who are the Draconians? Red dragons. Satan is a Draconian. A winged Draconian. The Mothmen have wings. Lucifer combines the characteristics of each and is a winged draconian. But he wont' come as one of them. He will incarnate a human and possess their body to work through, much of like is what is already being done with most politicians today who swear their allegiance to him, or he will have a hybrid clone created of which body he will overcome and possess for his own. If you read about the coming of Mabus, a hybrid test tube creation of the aliens, then you'll understand exactly what Lucifer can and will do in the last days to disguise who he really is. He will take control of the world government and his alien armies will enforce his dictatorship.

Where are they coming to? The United States!

Stay tuned..I'll reveal more later..

Word given to me on 5-25-04

    Those not sent by Me will come against you round about. They will surround you on every side. Know this child, that I am with you. I will use you as My messenger to all who seek the truth and they will mock you and scorn you as they did Me.
    The time is coming when the true servants of Mine will be here no more, taken up to be in My glory. Yes child, the time is coming.
    Arm yourself with steadfastness and truth. Be bold in Me and My ways, don't look to the left or to the right, but in Me.
   You shake the gates of hell and knock the walls down of great societies and kingdoms. Expose their plans as I reveal them to you, reveal everything I give to you My child and let Me handle your enemies. For they are great, but I AM Greater.
    Do not sorrow child for those who refuse My instruction. Leave them in My hands and continue to do what I lead you to do. I have given you a sword and great anointing, look to Me and I will lead.

     The sins of the world will be destroyed in one day, you will be with Me for eternity. Regain your strength in Me and continue on, for the time is short.

     I Love You My child, and daughter of David, stand against the Giants and do not waiver. It is time.


The News of late is amusing..

The House of Rep's (reptilians) filed articles to impeach dumb rum, imagine that. Actually I'm kind of shocked because I'm sure it's not Rumsfeld's style to protect someone else and take the fall..even for Bush, a much lesser ranking reptilian, albeit more power via the public persona because he's President.

Another charade to keep the eyes off a real impeachment of Bush. Do I think he'd be impeached? No. It's always a possibility but the codes also seem to suggest he's killed at the hands of the False Prophet, or friend of the Antichrist who comes in with this NESARA agenda, i.e. Satan's Peace and Prosperity Agenda.

The codes indicate this person is a 'padre' of the Antichrist's. Padre also meaning religious leader.

Ashcroft is also telling us of late they are 90% ready to start their attacks on us. Whenever you hear "Al Queda" just think White House. The AQ is nothing but a setup pawn of the White House to do their dirty work to further their global government agenda, which includes taking down the United States. You can't have a global agenda of Nazi's with the USA in power, or the way it currently is. To many Christians, Patriots, and that "Constitution" standing in the way.

So the Bush clan will take out America with 'terrorist strikes.' Not to mention the Chinese are still salivating at our borders waiting to cross and help implement martial law here. Bomb a few cities, implement martial law, get rid of the pests and the global agenda can start taking shape to receive the Antichrist as God and put him in power.

That's the Bush Agenda.

Of course the Aliens have their own agenda. Invade the USA, land on the White House lawn, bomb the capital and get rid of it, get rid of Bush and Cheney, and install their own NESARA leaders to take over the country and return the country to "constitutional" law. And at what price? Your soul.

Both plans, either the Bush/Illuminati or NESARA/Omegan lead to the emergence of Lucifer in power as "God" and getting rid of anyone who dissents.

Right now the real battle is which of the two will win.

So what could happen next? Either bombings of American cities or an alien invasion.

For more info on the NESARA/Omegan agenda read

These things are coming. Wake up and smell the sulfur. Either way there is going to be aliens here. Because even if the Illuminati wins and their agenda goes forward, the Antichrist's armies are on their way via Nibiru, a hollow planet. It's nothing but a taxi. The Annunaki of old, will return to help him enforce global government and it's participation on mankind. In fact they're returning no matter who wins, because they don't care about agendas, they're loyal to Satan, they'll be here when he rises to power to help him as his enforcement armies.

They can't die as humans can, so they'll be more dependable.

You can't run and you can't hide. The GPS can find you in any nook and cranny in the world. The only place to be is in Yahshuah.

He will protect his 'wise virgins.' Those undefiled by deceit and craft and the nonsense going on in churches and religions today. The foolish ones will see all these things come to pass first hand.

Which group are you in?

Protect your neighborhoods, towns, and cities, orgone suffocates the aliens, they can't stand to be near or around it, plant orgone in your yard and toss it in ditches, woods etc..and protect your areas!!